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SR Paints & Colours is a leading and trusted Exterior Emulsion paints in coimbatore  in Coimbatore. We feel  very  proud to supply light Gypsum Plaster supplier in Coimbatore. SR Paints’ Wall Gypsum Plaster offers unique benefits to our customers, which include direct application, supreme strength after drying, excellent bonding, absolutely no water curing and above all most economical. We also provide Washable Distemper in Coimbatore


SR Paints & Colours is a leading and trusted painting and building solutions provider in Coimbatore. SR Paints & Colours is renowned for its innovating offerings in the sector with a vibrant portfolio of paints and customized services unique to each customer.. For More Detail visit http://www.srpaints.com.


Our Main Products are

  2. White Cement Putty
  3. Polyethylene Septic Tanks
  4. Concealed Water Tanks
  5. Kitchen Sinks


SR paints and Colours is the notable supplier of Vans Gyplast Plaster and acts as the wholesaler of Vans Gyplast Plaster in Coimbatore region. SR Paints and Colours specialize in wall gypsum plaster including the supreme quality False Ceiling supplier in Coimbatore.

White Cement Putty

White Cement Putty is a cementiousmaterial, that is applied onto a plastered wall before painting. SR Paints’ White Cement Putty has many advantages such as High water resistance, strong bonding, UV Resistance and smooth finish. With our white cement putty, you can considerably bring down paint consumption and avoid repeated painting. Moreover, SR Paints’ White Cement Putty supplier in Coimbatore is available at reasonable price, while retaining supreme quality.

Polyethylene Septic Tanks

SR Paints deals with quality polythene septic tanks and a renowned supplier of poly septic tank and united septic tank.


SR Paints’ polyethylene tanks are rust-proof, water-tight and resist corrosion. While weight is comparatively lesser than concrete tanks, installation is also easy and simple. Our tanks are reasonably priced to suit your budget.


Key Benefits of SR Paints’ Polyethylene Septic Tanks


Simple installation

Less maintenance 

Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant

No cracking

Concealed Water Tanks

SR Paints specializes in Concealed water Tanks and Concealed water cisterns as well as Concealed water Closets. SR Paints deals with international brands in concealed water tanks and a well-known Supplier of HafeleAquaflash Concealed cisterns as well as a Dealer for Coimbatore region. For the first time ever, SR Paints brings in Hafele unique solution for WC units in the form of concealed water cistern that not only provides international functionality but also enables flexible and space-saving design possibilities within contemporary bathrooms. 

Kitchen Sinks

SR Paints deals with top notch Kitchen sinks and a leading supplier of Hafele Kitchen sinks supplier in Coimbatore region and we have a dedicated Kitchen sinks showroom in Coimbatore, offering perfect quality kitchen sinks to customers. SR Paints introduces Häfele’s range of kitchen sinks, which brings you the innovations in manufacturing technologies that surpass regularities in the market. We bring to you our exclusive range of Blanco sinks from Germany made of a unique, patented material called silgranit which will perfectly complement your elegant kitchen counter tops and create a whirlpool of functionality to meet your needs in cleaning and washing. 

SR Paints & Colours

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Near North Coimbatore Flyover,

Coimbatore, INDIA – 641001

Phone: +91 422 4981112

Mobile: +91 9626557792


Email: info@srpaints.com

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