Does SEO have a future? The answer to this question is quite complicated

Does SEO have a future? 

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The answer to this question is quite complicated. If you understand the meaning of SEO, then you will get the answer easily.

There is a lot of news in the internet that SEO technology is no longer in doubt or the SEO industry is now in danger. This is true and false to some extent. It is not possible that SEO technology is completely your SEO depends on the strategy.

For the past several years, Google has been bringing a lot of changes in its search engine algorithm and because of that, so there has been a lot of change in Soo’s strategy. If you are not updating your strategy, then it is very difficult to rank the search engine results page. Will happen. Speaking about the future of SEO, it is safe and will remain. There are a lot of changes in SEO strategy which is like new features and is quite easy. If you use these updated strategies and features correctly, then you can easily Can rank in google

There are some SEO strategies that people always use blindly but it does not get any benefit because they have become outdated.

Relying solely on link building – Link building is still incredibly important and one of Google’s top ranking factors. But, it is not so now. You have to focus more on the quality and reliability of your link and not on the quality. 

Don’t think of staying first in search engine results – many websites focus all their attention on getting the number one position on Google. However, there is no significant increase in website traffic even after ranking number one. 

Today’s search results come with AIDS, features snippets and question boxes. So, ranking number one means that your site may get buried. So modern web surfers know that for organic search results they need to scroll a bit. Keeping this in mind, instead of focusing on the number one position, you should focus on maximizing your click-through rate (CTR). Should be 

Optimizing your focus keywords more and more – optimizing the keywords you want to rank more and more was very important. But as search engines have become more sophisticated, they now have your web The better technique is to know the page. 

By not stuffing your opening paragraph (or indeed, your entire article) with a certain keyword, optimizing your content to address content readability, user experience, and user queries is more important. 

Creating a large number of pages and posts – It is a rumor that the bigger your website, the better its rank will be. Because Google does not rank the entire website and only ranks a particular page. When the user searches for something And information related to that search is available in your webpage only then your webpage will rank on search result. 

So, your focus should be on creating high quality content that actually forces your visitors to spend more and more time on your site. 

Focusing on search engine more than user – If you are paying more attention to search engine friendly website and ignore user experience then it may prove to be wrong for you. Google in its latest algorithm update user Let’s keep the experience of the most in mind. So if your site does not have the result of the user’s need, then your site cannot rank. 

So, your focus should be on creating high quality content that really helps your visitors and will force you to visit your site again and again. 

Hope it will help you !!!

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