How to use SEO properly on a blog?

How to use SEO properly on a blog?
Friends, the first question is what is SEO?

So, friends, SEO is full form Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to increase the rank of the website, any website is made for the reason that more and more people came to that website.

Friends, Coding, and visiting any website are both different things. And SEO is used to show that his website posts in Top Result.

Like when we do some search in the search engine, millions of results are shown openly like we search in Google for example What is SEO?

What is SEO?

You can see that we are seeing 2 types of results in Search Results.

Inorganic Results is the result that the ads which are placed by paying Google Adword to Google are shown at the top.

Organic results are posts that show the website or blog by SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and the post is shown in the top results.

So, friends, we learned that SEO Kya hai?

Now we will know how to do SEO?

To do SEO friends, it is very important to choose the right Keyword. Just like you have a piece of good knowledge about SEO and you want to create a website on this Keyword, first of all you need a domain. So while taking the domain, take Keyword Related Domain only. Just like we are building a website on SEO, it is very important to have a domain or URL SEO Keyword, because taking a Keyword Related Domain helps SEO a lot.

After this, use the keywords in the description in the website and also use the Target Keyword in the Meta Keywords.

So friends this is 50% SEO of our website. Then comes the turn to write the post on the website.

So let’s know how SEOs do in writing posts.

First comes Tital’s post. Keep the postal Title always. But never put the target keyword only in the post URL.

Now let’s start writing posts, Friends, write at least 300 words in Word. Must use at least 2 images in the post. And keep in mind, use the Keyword in the name of the image. Use the Target Keyword in Image Alt Attribution as well.

So Friends Page’s Post On On-Page SEO.

Then it comes to how to bring the post to Google Search Result?

For this, submit your website in all Search Console like Bing, Yahoo, Google. And generate the Sitemap of the website in all Search Console and submit it in all Search Console.

After a few days, the website will be indexed in Search Engine and the website will start showing in SERP.

So friends, if you liked the post, then share the post once.

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