I am a new blogger, how can I increase my blog traffic?

I am a new blogger, how can I increase my blog traffic?

How to make blog rank in Google?

I have seen many and almost all bloggers saying how to rank blogs in Google? So let me tell you that when you create your blog , Google ranks your blog in just one or two days.

So now you think that Google has ranked your blog, yet why do you ask the same question again and again ?? So let me tell you what your question really is – how to rank blog in Google? This is not your question, your question is how to rank blog posts in Google?

So now you see for yourself how the meaning of your question has changed with just one word. So in SEO it is called as keyword and in S EO, the keyword has a lot of importance so whenever you write the title of the post, keep the keyword in mind.

So let me tell you a few points that can help you rank your blog post on Google –

Keep the main keywords in mind while writing the title of the post

Write the title of the post in 70 words only.

Write post title long tail

Use your keyword about two to three times at the beginning of the post

Do not use the main keyword again and again, this can cause an effect on your post ranking.

These all that keyword takes you to the main bold in course

Use good images in posts

Remember that the image is your own

Keep image size below 100kb

Must use alt tag in image

Please rename the image and write the main keyword

If possible, you must also put YouTube video in the post

Take care of heading tags

Add a permalink to a related post

Also give a link to other big websites when needed

Be sure to use the main keyword in the link in the post

Meta Must enter description

Make the post longer

Must use at least three images in a long post.

At the end of the post, tell your visitors what information you gave them.

Also make a quality backlink for the pot.

How to make blog posts ranked in Google? I hope you have found the answer to this question and if you want more information about it, then you should also read the post below, it is very useful for you.

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