To start blogging and get success in it,

To start blogging and get success in it, how long and how much money do we have to put from our pockets?

First of all, do not make sure that you want to do blogging or earn money. If you want to earn money then you can not be successful and if you want to blogging then there is a big opportunity for you that you can write a good article and tell people about your information,

whatever you know, which you think Maybe we can reach people in a good way, this will mean that traffic will come to your site and from when traffic comes, your running will be very high,

so I will make you the first thing to do blogging first to earn money. Do not think about it at all; then after that how much money will have to be charged from your pocket, then for that, let me tell you that if you want from your pocket, you can not earn even $ 1 but can earn a good amount of money but if you want to earn a good one You have to buy a custom domain and a hosting or you can also

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