Make The URL of A Hindi Blog Post in Hindi or Hinglish?

Make The URL of A Hindi Blog Post in Hindi or Hinglish?

The first thing you should know is what is the URL?

What does this work and how does it work?

First, we get to know all these questions.

The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator.

This is the global address of any document.

Through which people have access to your web site or web page and blog post.

This is a unique address that defines that page or web site.

With the help of this URL,

Google also shows your blog or website in its search result.

If you write in Hindi or Hinglish but you should always write your URL in Hinglish itself.

When Google shows any link at the top of its search result,

then it also gives a description of how the URL is.

Is that the keyword on which this blog post is made?

That is, your main keyword is coming in that URL or not.

If that keyword is in Hinglish, google is easy to understand.

And one more thing, whenever the user searches in google,

he always writes in Hinglish itself.

For example email id banana, FB id Kaise banaye, emoji meaning in Hindi

Keeping this in mind, keep your main keyword in Hinglish.

So that your blog will rank quickly on google.

If you have gained a little bit from this information,

then share this post.

So that I can give you knowledgeable information and can share my experience as well.

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