Which platform do you use to create backlinks?

Which platform do you use to create backlinks?

There are a lot of free and paid tools available in the market that help you to create backlinks, some of those tools which are used by expert SEO, let’s see then those tools.

  1. Ahref: With this tool, you can see the backlinks of the competitor and try to make backlinks on those websites. This tool shows you some results for free, you will have to take a premium subscription to see it completely.
  2. MOZ: This tool is a very big name in the world of SEO, with the help of this tool you can also do backlink analysis, for the pro version you will have to take paid subscription.
  3. Semrush: You can take this tool on free trial of one month in Lokdon, it is a very good tool, you can also track the position of your keywords.
  4. Neil patel: This tool is available at a lower price than the rest, and you can do something other than the help backlinks of this tool.

You can avoid those tools or platforms that give you free backlinks in bulk, they can put your website in the spam score and Google’s penalty list, I will not recommend you such tools at all.

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